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Whale Species

Finback Whale Island Cruises Campobello
Humpback Islad Cruises Campobello Island

Finback- Whale 2nd largest whale in the world. Long & slender body is brownish grey with paler underside.

Can reach lengths up to 80Ft.
45-75 tons Populaton 100,000.​

Humpback- Distinctive body shape with unusually long pectoral fins & a knobby head.  Stocky body with obvious hump & black dorsal colouring. Can reach lengths of 40-52 ft and weights of 25-30 tons. Population 80,000​. Feeds only summer on mostly krill & small fish. The Humpbacks pectoral fins are up to 1/3rd their body length.

Right Whale Island Cruises Campobello Island
Minke Whale Island Cruises Campobello Island

                          Photo Kim MacFarlane​

North Atlantic Right Whale- Endangered Species. Rotund body with arching rostrums, V-shaped blow holes & dark grey or black skin. No dorsal fin. Most distinguishing feature is rough patches on skin on head.
Can reach lengths up to 60ft. Weight 80-95 ton
Only 400 left in the world.

Minke-The Minke is the 2nd smallest baleen whale Body usually black or dark grey above & white beneath. Most of length of back, including dorsal fin & blow holes appear at once when whale surfaces to breathe.
Length 25-35ft 6-9 ton Populations unknown.
Feeds on plankton, krill, small fish.​

Harbour Porpoise Island Cruises Campobello Island

The Harbour Porpoise is robust. Flippers, dorsal fins, tail fin & back are dark grey. Sides are slightly speckled, lighter grey. Underside much whiter. Harbour Porpoise are generally about 4-6ft in length and 130-170lbs.

Estimated Population 350,000

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