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Mister Matthew


Mister Matthew Boat Island Cruises CampobelloIsland

The 37-foot "Mister Matthew" is a traditional Bay of Fundy fishing vessel called a Cape Islander, an inshore motor fishing boat, designed with a single-keeled flat bottom at the stern, and a more rounded profile at the bow.  ​

The distinctive shape and style of the boat is largely credited to Ephraim Atkinson of Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia (circ. 1907), which is from where the common nickname, Novi boat is derived.​

One of the great appeals of the Novi is that fisherman can easily change the gear and rigging, making them an extremely  versatile boat, used for trapping lobster, dragging for scallops, catching ground fish or, in our case, whale watching. Our ship was originally purposed as a lobster boat on the Nova Scotia shore for ten years before we acquired her for conversion to a passenger vessel.

She is Coast Guard approved for 20 passengers, equipped with a lifeboat, and
goes through a rigorous inspection every year by Transport Canada for your safety.​


On board, you'll find plenty of life jackets, seating, and clean restroom facilities.

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