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Captain Robert Fitzsimmons

Passengers on Island Cruises may not realize that when they step aboard, they are traveling with Two Licensed Captains.
Captain Mac Greene AND Captain Robert Fitzsimmons.

Born on Campobello Island, Captain Robert Fitzsimmons has over four decades of experience on the waters of the Bay of Fundy. He has worked daily on the ocean with trips lasting up to 5 or 6 weeks! Working as Captain or valued crew member has brought him to Gulf of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, the Grand Banks, and home to the Bay of Fundy and the waters surrounding Campobello Island. Throughout Captain Fitzsimmons long standing career he has served as Captain on commercial diving boats, Seining and Scallop boats, Lobster Boats, and Longliners.  

Robert's love and admiration for whales developed while observing these awesome animals during these boat trips. He joined Captain Mac and Island Cruises in the 1999. During this time he has served as Captain, assistant and expert guide on Island Cruises. Guests on Island Cruises will appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Robert will share with them.
Robert says of working with Captain Mac and Island Cruises
"I have the best job in the world."
Both he and his son Robert Jr. are members of the CWRT  a non-profit whale rescue group based on Campobello Island.

Captain Robert Fitzsimmons' passion and love of ocean mammals and sea creatures and birds is exceeded only by his love of family and the sea, itself.

Although many other Whale Watch companies bring their boats to Campobello Island to see the whales ..we proudly one knows the Campobello waters better than our Campobello Island Captains!

Captain Robert Fitzsimmons


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